Meet Molly

Meet your future alignment accountability partner –– and the unequivocal challenger you didn’t know you needed.

There's only one thing Molly Wendell has always loved more than speaking on stage or facilitating conversations between leadership teams: brownies with powdered sugar.


While she's best known for her ability to stack meaningful relationships like flapjacks, most people don't know that she was born to lead and bring people together. And here’s where the brownies come in…

When she was a kid, she took it upon herself to organize every class party – specifically ensuring everyone brought the right food. She convinced almost all her classmates to bring her favorite treat – brownies with powdered sugar on top (her teachers never knew why everyone brought the same dessert) – by speaking with each person one-on-one, assessing the parent’s brownie ability, making a determination, and then holding them accountable to follow through on her chocolatey vision. Seriously, it took a lot of work!

(P.S. Accountability is still her thing – more on that in a second…)

You see, Molly has just always been a natural when it comes to optimizing any opportunity to make teams better together. Like when she was in the third grade. Everyone was doing their own thing. There was no plan. She decided it might be fun to build a fire the old fashioned way – with sticks. She quickly spotted a new way to get it done, created and mobilized teams like they were her own and informed her teacher why it was happening and where they would relocate to do so – because it would be safer. (Seriously, teachers really loved her.)

Not much has changed since her sandbox days – Molly still takes action to help people win every day (and embrace the fun of competition along the way), by aligning leadership teams with their greater goals and values.

As a definitive authority on leadership, speaker and author, Molly energizes rooms with her quick wit and radical transparency, by challenging leaders to embrace new ways of approaching organizational success.

She believes that you're only as good a leader as you are a team.

And when something is amiss – like uncomfortable work relationships, trust issues within the leadership team or communication with direct reports – it's likely due to one thing: alignment.

Molly’s strength is being able to whip out her magnifying glass with any leader and go beneath the surface to pinpoint what's really going on within the team.

What sets her apart from others in her sphere is that she’ll make you own up to the reality behind your sleepless nights, and then lay out a strategic, structured and easy-to-get-started strategy to fixing it ASAP.

She’s opinionated because she cares – and transparent because you should be, too.

That's the mindset she brings to every circular boardroom table, sunny executive retreat and high-value online course she teaches (watch out for her podcast).

In a world full of enthusiastic nods from silent employees, Molly cuts to the chase and tells leaders like it is – and engages the team in methods on how to fix it. She’s the kind of person who’s hard not to listen to.

Through her work with executives, she helps them focus on steering their team toward a unifying mission, keeping organizations humming in sync, and best of all, working with their people in a way that maximizes their ultimate potential and leverages total team alignment.

Let's work together to help your team win together. Book Molly for your next event or offsite and make  your next event engaging, impactful and relevant!

Whether Molly is on stage as a keynote speaker, facilitating an executive retreat, teaching leaders how to be better (online and in person), or hosting her own podcast, she always has one end goal in mind: to challenge your mindset and get you to say: "I never thought it about it like that!"

(And she’ll get you up on your feet saying it, too – fun is a non-negotiable part of her process.)

After spending nearly twenty years in the strategic trenches of Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies, nobody knows leaders – and their people – better than Molly!

That’s why she’s committed to helping executives and teams achieve their organizational goals by aligning their vision with their people – so they can be better together.

With her team-first approach to leadership alignment, Molly is the authority for leaders who want to go from good to great, and want to know how to bring their people along for the ride. She shows them that there’s value in getting unstuck in the way “it’s always been”, and taking a new approach to solving problems. She serves as the accountability partner they didn't know they needed, the sounding board for ideas that need an implementation plan and the ultimate relationship builder between them and their team – so they can propel their people toward total alignment, as a collective community.

Molly holds an MBA from the University of California-Irvine, and a BS in Marketing from San Diego State University. She is married with twins and three stepchildren and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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